Product Support: Diagnosing complex issues, crafting effective solutions, and explaining and documenting them clearly.

Team Development: Interview design, process and infrastructure building, and mentorship of new hires.

Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Hugo, SQL, SVN, Git, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Professional Experience

Head of Product Support


Created and drove our support function by resolving support requests from internal and external customers via email, Slack, and Zoom, standing up and administering an issue tracker, defining and documenting processes and SLA, and training teammates to support our customers.

Built a help center website for which I also wrote our product documentation, recorded demo and training videos, conducted live training sessions, and trained colleagues to conduct them too.

Leveraged my background in web development to assist with scoping, planning, and implementation of solution engineering tasks to extend our platform for individual customer use cases and integrate with various services and APIs.

Assisted with team development across the organization by refining interview processes and conducting interviews for multiple roles as well as leading and mentoring new hires in multiple roles including new leads.

Lead Technical Support Engineer


Resolved issues through customer education, guidance on configuration and best practices, diagnosis of and solutions for bugs, improvements and additions to internal and external documentation, and writing scripts to integrate the Diffbot API with customer systems.

Led an international team of support engineers, defining process and coordinating efforts.

Wrote scripts to collect metrics from our issue tracker to analyze and suggest improvements to our process.

Senior Customer Support Engineer

Culture Amp

Resolved issues by answering questions and providing guidance on best practices, diagnosing bugs and providing workarounds and fixes, and building and documenting scripts and tools to automate repeated workflows.

Collaboratively defined and documented our team processes and vision.

Set up and administered our JIRA project, updating to enable our evolving workflow and metrics-gathering needs.

Refined our interview process and questions, including creating a live Rails troubleshooting exercise which I then paired with candidates to work through as a representative sample of our day-to-day work and mentorship practices.

Mentored new hires and served as escalation point for complex support issues.

Internal Applications Developer

Palantir Technologies

Engineer and Badass, Product Support Team

Palantir Technologies

Resolved thousands of issues from customers and our engineers in the field, including diagnosing bugs, providing workarounds, and advising on architecture and configuration.

Defined and refined our team’s interview process and conducted hundreds of interviews.

Built our team’s onboarding mentorship program and personally mentored a dozen engineers in the US and the UK.

Senior Web Developer


Web Developer


Web Developer

Language Computer Corporation
Lymba Corporation

Web Administrator

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign