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My Tips for Working While Neurodivergent

Give yourself permission to do what works for you instead of what works for others.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Take emergencies seriously but calmly.

Workarounds and Solutions

Apply the short-term fix and the long-term fix, in that order.

The Illusion of Transparency

Speak up, because no one else knows everything you know.

Bisect the Problem Space

A binary search can be the fastest way to isolate an issue's cause.

If You Explain It Twice, Write It Down

Document the information most likely to be needed again.

Be Polite, but Solve the Problem

Respect the customer, but also respect their time - and yours.

Make the Automatic Explicit

Never assume the customer will recognize important details.

You Need Your Pain

The deadliest thing that can happen to a Product Support team is the perception that it's there to shield Product Development from customer pain.

The Pain Business

Product Support's job is to both treat and prevent pain.